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Mom and Bebe Ph

Maisie Dress 1-6Y

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Maisie Dress 1-6Y is a perfect piece to add into your wardrobe. The dress has a midi length with a high waistband and a full lining throughout the garment giving it a sleek look that will take you through any season of life.

Size-Suggest Age--Length--Bust--Waist-suggest height

80----1 years----50cm---53cm---51cm---70-80cm

90----2-3 years----55cm---57cm---55cm---80-90cm

100---3-4 years----60cm---61cm---59cm---90-100cm

110---4-5 years----65cm---65cm---63cm---100-110cm

120---5-6 years----70cm---69cm---67cm---110-120cm

130---6-7 years----75cm---73cm---71cm---120-130cm


Main material: cotton blend+polyester.