Kids Stylish Sun Glass

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Fashion Kids Personality Sunglasses Round Frame Transparent Glass

Frame: plastic; lens: AC lens Hinge: metal hinge Visible light transmittance 12-20% Anti-UV rating: UV400 Dimensions: mirror width 40mm; frame height 40mm; temple length 133mm; bridge spacing: 20mm, suitable for 6-12 years old The benefits of sunglasses mercury tablets: 1, used to reflect the outside of the strong light (including ultraviolet light). 2, in the occasion of strong ambient light (highland sunshine, white snow), if you do not reflect strong light (including ultraviolet light), it will cause damage to the eyes (prone to cataracts). 3. The mercury reflective film is applied to the outer surface of the lens (actually a semi-transverse semi-permeable membrane), which greatly reduces the intensity of light (including ultraviolet rays) entering the human eye and protects the eyes. 4, more in line with the trend, increase the aesthetic appearance of sunglasses. 5. Note that the mercury sheet will have different color changes under the refracting of different angles of light, not the color difference.