1Bottle + 3Nipples

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Product Name: wide mouth polypropylene diameter bottle (1 cup with 4 nipples total)

-BPA Free, 360 ° gravity ball, light weight, fall proof

-Including high quality, durable silicone nipple super soft.

-The neck has a smooth inner surface and large bore, making it easier to clean without retaining milk and dust particles.

-It is made of high quality non-toxic polypropylene material.

--Scientific design of ventilation system (AVS gamma) can reduce colic caused by inhalation of air.

Three capital letters (for exchange)

-Pipette: suitable for babies over 9 months, easy to drink and like to drink water

-Platypus is easy to transition to a 6-month-old baby,

-Suction mouth, milk feeling, soft, anti flatulence, suitable for newborns

-PP packaging TPE double touch handle

-The proportion design of the bottle body let the baby eat at a glance


240 ml: 6cmx17.5cm


Color: pink, green