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Mom and Bebe Ph

Kids Sport Shoes

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korean kids sneakers travel Casual shoes for kids girls

 ⬇️ Here is the shoe size chart:


Size 26: Inner length 15cm=Foot length 14cm-14.5cm

Size 27: Inner length 15.5cm=Foot length 14.5cm-15cm

Size 28: Inner length 16cm=Foot length 15cm-15.5cm

Size 29: Inner length 16.5cm=Foot length 15.5cm-16cm

Size 30: Inner length 17cm=Foot length 16cm-16.5cm

Size 31: Inner length 17.5cm=Foot length 16.5cm-17cm

Size 32: Inner length 18cm=Foot length 17cm-17.5cm

Size 33: Inner length 18.5cm=Foot length 17.5cm-18cm

Size 34: Inner length 19cm=Foot length 18cm-18.5cm

Size 35: Inner length 19.5cm=Foot length 18.5cm-19cm

Size 36: Inner length 20cm=Foot length 19cm-19.5cm

Size 37: Inner length 20.5cm=Foot length 19.5cm-20cm