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Fresh Fruit Pacifier

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How do you like this parenting hack for feeding nutritious food to your baby?

Feed your baby to solids with ease, and helps you gradually wean your baby from breastfeeding.

Pacifier and feeder that doubles as a teether to give the baby all the vitamins needed to keep him healthy!


The unique design helps soothe any baby while introducing a nutritious fruit of your choice into their diet.
Simply place fresh fruit or other food into the nipple of the pacifier.
This is perfect for all babies, no matter how hungry or fussy!
The perfect small handle lets every baby enjoy the food by self, allows your baby to take a full variety of nourishment in addition to breast milk.
Let your baby be adaptive to various tastes at an early age and avoid a bad habit of fussy.
Suitable for most kinds of food and can be carried on the trip• Also a great tool when your baby is teething.

Holds fruit and other foods
Soft, silicone mesh is safe for baby’s mouth, teeth, and gums
Easy to clean and sterilize
Snap-on storage cap
Colorful and playful design with rattle
Color: Blue, Orange, Pink, Green, Purple (depends on the availability)
Material: Food grade Silicon, Non-toxic
Different Size Chart:

Size: 11-S
Age: 4-6 months
Length: 3.8cm/1.5″
Width: 2.3cm/0.91″
Size: 12-M
Age: 6-9 months
Length: 4cm/1.57″
Width: 2.8cm/1.10″
Size: 13-L
Age: Over 9 months
Length: 4.4cm/1.73″
Width: 3.3cm/1.3″
Package includes: 1 x Baby Fresh Fruit Pacifier