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Mom and Bebe Ph

Baby Bottle + 3 Teats

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High grade material: the bottle body is made of PP material with high heat resistance and good durability. Nipples are 100% silicone, super soft and flexible, allowing natural and smooth tongue movement.

Humanized design: the wide base of the pacifier helps the baby open his mouth and encourages stable peristalsis. This is also to prevent the baby's lips from touching the cap during attachment. The baby will be able to form a strong seal on the silicone to suck more effectively.

Wide necked and streamlined bottle: the streamlined shape makes it easy for mothers to hold and keep clean.

Air ventilation system (AVS): no pressure drinking, minimum intake during feeding.

The bottle can be sterilized by boiling water

BPA free

Heat resistant temperature of bottle: 180 ℃

Heat resistant temperature of joint: 120 ℃

Heat resistant temperature of bottle cap: 120 ℃

Color: pink, green

Product specification: 240ml 300ml

Product size:

240ml: 17.5cm*6cm

300ml: 19.5cm*6cm